Barbara Goldschmidt (b. Buber)
Born 1921 in Germany.
Immigrated to Israel 1938.
Studied at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem 1939-42.
Lives and works in Jerusalem.
Exhibited in group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Happiness not being blasphemous: About Barbara Goldschmidt's art
by Aya Kaniuk

Barbara Goldschmidt began painting when a child and has never ceased.

These portraits of women were painted between 2002-2008. All of them have names. All don't. They do, because each one is an absolute individual, her individuality deciphered and exposed. And they donít, because they also are a mesh of color entities, sheer matter, spots and texture, with no beginning or end; supposedly innate contradictions, arenít necessarily so.



Photo:Amos Brison

Although she is a skilled draftswoman, a woman's foot still might very well fade into its surroundings as if unfinished, neglected, because the colors' sensual truth became her objective all of a sudden rather than the footís realistic, objective boundaries. She moves from one truth to another freely and without fear, many times in the same picture, evidently with the conviction that these seemingly different or even opposite perspectives arenít contrary to one another.
Not for her.

I am playing, she says, when painting. At first one might assume this to be a form of modesty, of low self-esteem. However, later one cannot but realize that she does indeed mean it, literally. Playing, in the sense of the happiness of a child at play. The total self-sufficient thereness. The abandonment and absorbance into the moment. The Submerging in the absolute present, happiness not being blasphemous.
Thus she paints. And lives.

To paint is a way to look, to see, to ponder, to understand, she says, and teaches. To paint is to enjoy and see. The happiness of doing and a way of looking, are her gifts as a painter and teacher.

Although delicate looking and reserved, her strokes are confident, powerful and intense. As if scrutiny, observance, restraint, and wildness all blend in each brush stroke. A true painter. The material being the key, the window. And the object, the person; always a physicality, always matter itself too.

Barbara Goldschmidt believes in substance, the glory of the physical in its innate abstraction, its purity and truth.
In that strange special place where the what and the who are one.


   Photos: Amos Brison

Photo:Amos Brison


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